Monday, February 20, 2017


Morning friends!  Believe it or not I'm back to stitching away on my Round Robin orange peel project.  You can find the Impressions Orange Peel templates and all the patterns to accompany them here.

orange peel
Right now I have all the blocks sewn into rows and maybe 5 rows sewn together and I love the cheerful look of these Birds of Liberty fabrics. I used one of the half roll ups that I ordered from FQS and you can find that here. For my small quilt I used half the strip for my shapes. 

orange peel

One of the things I don't like about my quilt is how some of those peels DON'T LINE UP. I was undoubtedly  casual about the marking  and there is a placement guide in the pattern but I wasn't all that careful.  So my future-tip maybe will help you if you're more like me.  The first two squares are perfect and it goes downhill from there. Don't worry though, it's not ruining the project for me, I love charming.  And I'm glad that I saw the quilt on the FQS Instagram to inspire me to make it!
New Leaf Slotted Trimmer
Next up on my agenda is testing out Kari's new Slotted Trimmers. I have known Kari for   while now and saw her photo on Instagram   using the trimmers and thought they were such a clever idea.  She very generously sent me the trimmers along with here Clearly Perfect Angles to try out.  So more on that when I get these rows sewn together.  
Ok, time to get busy!  See you later alligators! Have a great week!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Orange Peel

Hi there peeps! Not a ton of stitching progress since we last met.  I managed to get my orange peels blanket stitched finally.  I had been off to such a quick start then those last dozen peels took forever to complete.  Just too much going on.  But today I am back at it, sewing my rows together. 

orange peels
This might be the worst photo ever of adorable orange peels but it's the best I can do today.  Stitching the blocks together will be a breeze but let me offer a tad of advice if you're working on this project.  Pin those blocks!  When you are at the end with the two points meeting, your machine may fight a bit skewing the block a bit. 
Is it a long weekend where you are?  Do you have plans?  We're expecting more rain which we love, although we're watching the Oroville dam like so many as we have family and friends up there in the area. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Splendid Sampler

Well like all good things, Pat and Jane published the 100th block of the Splendid Sampler yesterday bringing this year long project to a close!  At the onset of a journey like this you think it's going to last forever and then suddenly it's over.  I am so happy to be included in the project along side of really talented designers and I can't thank Pat and Jane enough for including me. 

Splendid Sampler
Over at Martingale you can see a cover of the book and some blocks and quilt layouts featured.  These pictures come from the Martingale website.  I think the quilt below is my favorite of those shown, love the colors and the layout.. so cute.  It sure makes me wish I had stuck with a more controlled color palette.

Splendid Sampler
It's hard not to be inspired by all the people who participated!!  Especially the people who tried all the techniques included even if they were new to them.  The quilts in the facebook group are wonderful.  Even if you don't ever plan on sewing a block it would be worth it to take a peek at some of the blocks people made.  It's a great community of quilters!
Thanks for following along! I guess I should get busy with my blocks!  Have a great week friends!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

On a roll...

Hi there!  I'm on a roll here this week.. a half roll that is.  I fell in love with a quilt that Fat Quarter Shop shared on Instagram and decided that I would have to make it.  It uses their Orange Peel templates and their Round Robin Pattern.  I hopped online and ordered the Birds of Liberty Half Roll and as a special treat I picked up the adorable small Lori Holt Cute Cuts mat.  Just because.

FQS Orange Peel
For some reason, I had thought the half roll was half length strips, like 2 1/2" x 22, why?  No idea. It has 18 full width of fabric strips, and if I hadn't already traced my small template onto miles of Quilter's Select Appli-Web Plus I would have made it bigger. As it is, I  only used 22 inches of each strip to cut these 144 small orange peels.

FQS Orange Peel
I'm not sure which fabric I'll use for the background.  I need to check my stash of dots or maybe a white on white. Have you seen Nadra's version on Instagram? Precious. 
Well time to make some decisions.  I'm looking forward to a lot of blanket stitching.  A LOT!  Happy days!

Monday, February 06, 2017


Good morning!  I can't believe we're on the second week of February already.  It seems like time picks up a lot more momentum the older you get.  Cliché I know.  But seriously, February.

You'll find it hard to believe that I turned this pile of fabrics into a finished quilt but I did. 

Here's the proof.  It's bound even, not a just a top, not unbound, DONE. At the onset of the project I couldn't quite imagine how I could turn a modern looking quilt into something that was PamKitty style, but reducing the blocks by half did the trick.  So there you have it, My American Patchwork and Quilting quilt along quilt.

American Patchwork and Quilting sew along
I am happy it's done and I'll pop it on the table once I clear it off.  Go ahead, insert some maniacal laughter here.  A clean table.  I crack myself up. 
Hope you have a great week everyone!  You guys are the greatest. xo



Thursday, February 02, 2017


Good morning!  I'm warning you, I'm full of surprises. My APQ quilt along quilt top is done.  That's right.   And here's photo proof.  Today I'm marking the first lines and starting the quilting.  Diagonal grid for the win!  I'll just mark the "X" thru the center and let my walking foot guide do the rest for me.  And at just 30 inches square it will go fast. I think it turned out pretty cheerful and I look forward to using it.

Yesterday my trees and my neighbors were filled with birds.  My neighbor has an enormous oak tree and it had Robin's and Cedar Waxwings all over it.  And the squawking, I could hear it inside my house, which is how I know so many birds were there.  My photos didn't do it justice, but I did catch this little gold finch in my yard.  Sweet. I know, not a great photo but I enjoy that little burst of yellow right in the center.

A few weeks ago I had tons of Mountain Bluebirds on my tree out front.  I honestly felt like it was a bit of a miracle.  I have seen them in great abundance at Alden Lane Nursery but never anywhere else. 

As long as the berries were on the tree they kept coming back, hanging out there or in our big fruitless mulberry.  And a lot of them.  Hard to catch a great photo of them either.  It was actually so gray and there was so much glare I wasn't even sure the first day that they were bluebirds.  I had to grab a photo to really see the color. 

It feels somewhat miraculous to suddenly have so many wonderful birds showing up. I've seen the Cedar Waxwings more than I have in years, usually they are around one day in their migration.  They must be finding great food choices around here if they're lingering.
Well enough bird talk.  I better get busy !  Have a great day! xo 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All People Quilt Along!

Falling on the heels of that completed pillow you'll be shocked to see I actually have a start on my quilt along quilt.   I've chosen the quilt from Quilts and More Magazine, Step by Step.  True confession, I just don't think I have it in me to patiently cut strips for that string quilt, even though I think it's tons of fun. 

Of course I have to make things Pam Kitty Style, and to do that I needed to look at the size of the pieces and the scale of my fabric.  The magazine version uses large scale prints with a modern look, and my fabrics are smaller scale, so I got out my calculator and got busy cutting the pattern down to size. 
Then I popped the design into Photoshop and got busy with a layout.  You can see my printout as a guide next to my stack of fabrics. My quilt will be half sized, and will be perfect for the top of a table.  As a bonus, easy to quilt.   I used the layout of the fabrics in the original quilt to guide me in fabric selection and placement, and I had a lot of fun going through all my boxes of fabric to find fabrics to use from all my collections. It really is a perfect stash quilt. 
If you're stitching along with all of us I hope you'll show off your progress on Instagram and on Facebook using the hashtag #APQquiltalong so we can look around and see what everyone is working on. 
Thanks for stopping by.  You guys are the best.  

Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Monday

Welcome to another week! How was your weekend?  I managed to finish up that pillow. No one is more surprised than I am, trust me.  I've been good at starting things and not so good at finishing them.  I popped an 18 inch pillow form in there, but I might try and find a 16 inch.. I generally like a nice firm pillow but this might be cuter a little less puffy.
Heart Pillow
 I'll send it off to live with Frankie, it's perfect for her sofa. It's fun for right now, Valentine's Day season, but perfect and pink for everyday!
I've managed to get my APQ quilt along quilt cut out  But more on that later.  I don't want to scare you with too many things at once.  Too shocking.
Hope you have a great week! xo

Friday, January 27, 2017

Quilt Along

 Hi there, how are you?  I've been busy around here doing a little of this and a little of that, you know, the regular.  I'm looking forward to starting the American Patchwork and Quilting sew along.   


This quilt is from Quilts and More, and it's called Step by Step.  These pictures are courtesy of American Patchwork and Quilting. 

This quilt is String Theory and it's from American  Patchwork and Quilting.  I haven't decided which quilt to make yet, there's alternate versions of both, and I'll decide when I get the APQ April magazine to decide which I'll do. This would be a perfect scrap busting project, maybe it's time to get out those scrap baskets.  You can read more about others who are quilting along here.

heart blocks
My pink fabrics from last week have turned into some hearts.  These hearts will turn into a pillow.  I love smaller projects, they're perfect for my attention span lately.  Hope you have a nice weekend! xop

Friday, January 20, 2017


Good morning!  How are you ? How was your week?  We've had so much rain here all  week.  Yesterday I met Holly for lunch in Walnut Creek and on the ride home I saw and abundance of  gorgeous rainbows.  Really beautiful intense colors.  Rainbows always make me feel so happy and hopeful. 

I have done some sewing, adding a red tulip to my collection.  I like just working a bit at a time.  Maybe a mixed up color tulip will be next.  Or aqua, or who knows. Are there aqua or blue tulips? Should that matter? 

Working on something pink.  Nothing too fancy.  But I enjoy laying out all the pretty pinks together. I'm enjoying small projects.  What are you working on? 
Happy weekend friends! xo

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Sew Along

Good morning!  It's my turn again to show another block for the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks sew along!  I'm starting the day drinking coffee from my Volume 4 mug, which is the magazine this block was featured in.  The super exciting thing about this volume was that my name was on the cover. I am still totally thrilled about it.  I've had so much fun dreaming up blocks and submitting them to Quiltmaker and I appreciate that I have had blocks in all the 100 Block magazines so far.

vol 4 mug

My block, Round Rosie, has spring tulips in a circle. Here's what I cut for my little runner of three blocks.  I'm ready for spring with these colors.


I made three blocks and set them on point for a small runner. I did some speedy grid quilting and bound it with a nice springy pink garden print.  I love it!  Perfect for these gloomy winter days. 

If you want to make this runner  you can make three 6 inch (finished) Round Rosie blocks, add 4 setting triangles  from a 9 3/4" square cut twice diagonally, and 4 corner triangles  from two  5 1/4" squares cut once diagonally. Binding just takes two 2 1/2" strips cut from the width of fabric.  Easy peasy.

quiltmaker runner
You can read all about today's stop on the hop over at the Quilty Pleasures blog. Check out my original post about being in Volume 4 here!

Friday, January 06, 2017


How was your week?  I had a nice week, some rainy days and some sunny days!  This week I received a surprise in the mail from Fat Quarter Shop


You might have read about these templates over on the Jolly Jabber.  The set includes 4 templates of the classic orange peel applique shape designed to fit on 3", 4", 5" and 6" finished squares.  I immediately fired up Photoshop to do some digital sewing. Right off I wondered about putting a peel on a four patch. I came up with these two blocks.


I tried each in a layout.


Dramatically different.


I even alternated the two blocks.


 Very fun!  But don't worry you don't have to go it alone with your templates, there are four patterns designed to use the templates! 

So clever! And check out this verion of Round Robin that I saw on Instagram! It's perfect! I love 30's fabrics and they're a perfect choice for the orange peel shape. 
Ok  that's it for this week!!!  Hope you have a great weekend! xop

Monday, January 02, 2017


Good morning!  How is the year working out so far?  I feel like I'm still on vacation!  Today is Bret's last day of vacation, tomorrow we'll get back to our regular schedule. 

Sadly the regular schedule involves waking up early, and after more than a week of sleeping in.. even if it was just 7:30 or so... it's going to be painful.  Honestly though, I know I do a lot better that way. 
I have this little tulip cut out, and so I'll start to get back in the groove with this.  I am enjoying all the fresh new projects cropping up on Instagram and on Facebook.  And people are serious about the sewing room clean up! Holy cow Sharon is killing it with the clear out!  I have cleared out quite a bit lately, but my efforts are kids stuff compared to most!
Ok, time to fill up my coffee cup and get busy!  Have a great week peeps! xo

Friday, December 30, 2016


Good morning my sweet friends! I hope your days were merry!  I can't believe it's almost time to say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2016 and welcome a fresh new year full of possibilities.  Do you make resolutions? Pick a word?  I never do that myself, but I love to see what people are thinking about at this time of year. 

We've had some cold frosty mornings lately.  Typical fall and winter in California, we're raking frosty leaves till February around here.  The weeds are thriving with the rain so my yard is nice and green, looks more alive than it has all year! 

Are you doing any sew alongs this coming year?  The Splendid Sampler is only has a couple of more months to go.  I see that Pat has already started to work on something new, and you can follow along with her over at her new website I Love to Make Quilts.  Here's the link to the first post about this Solstice challenge so you can read all about it.  

Hope you have a happy and safe New Year's and I look forward to meeting up with you here for coffee next year.  Thank you so much for your friendship , lots for this PamKitty to be grateful for! xop